Meet a high end, yet understated kitchen diner

Giving a customer the luxury they deserve can be hard to achieve. Many of our clients are hardworking professional people who need spaces that tick more than one box. The demands of modern living mean that we must design homes that provide multi-purpose spaces which work on a practical and sociable level. This particular project is a South London renovation, boasting a high end, yet elegantly understated cooking space with a Mercury 1200 range cooker with induction hob, cabinet lighting with under mounted dimmable LED’s and Kohler Karbon Silver/Stainless mixer taps; which flows seamlessly into a dining and living space. The result being a beautifully presented living and cooking space that is both stylish and practical.

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As we move from the working kitchen area to the dining and living space the transition is gentle. This is enhanced by the on-trend, relaxing grey colour tones and the kitchen lighting which subtly changes as we move towards the garden access doors. None of this is by chance as every element of this project has been meticulously planned in conjunction with the end users. The living space is there to kick back at the end of a hard day but is also there as an entertaining space for dinner parties and indeed, once the BiFold doors are opened, to the outdoor bar-b-q during the summer.

But what about when the chores need to be done? Well, as much attention has been given to storage space to conceal the everyday appliances, as what is visible to the eye. The tall doors discreetly hide away a huge expanse that stores laundry and, not just the washer and dryer, but a heat assisted airing compartment. If this is not enough we also have storage for the golf clubs, trolley, chargers and even the wet weather gear. Designing is not just about the space but it is also about the people that occupy it, there is no greater thrill than to deliver once again a project of this calibre.

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