Size does matter

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Jonathan East. I’m the Owner and Managing Director of Good Measure. Somehow 25 years has flown past and I have accrued a wealth of dedicated cabinet design and construction. Made all the better by some great clients. I wanted to write today about what motivates us here at Good Measure and therefore sets us apart from the big boys in furniture and storage solutions.

Small is beautiful as they say and this is certainly true for the bespoke cabinet work we create. As a small close-knit team, every commission is given the same high level of attention to detail and embedded in every piece is our passion. We are all hands on and consequently proud of what we do.

As with larger organisations we use latest technology and CAD design but we haven’t lost that all important sense of creating for the individual. Every brief is different which is what is so exciting when embarking on a fresh project. The trick is always to design the product around the individual and their needs, whether they need to upgrade the storage in their home office or kitchen or totally rework the reception area in their business to give it the wow factor. To communicate this throughout the journey and achieve the desired bespoke result really does demand a personal touch.

We benefit too. Over the years we have built up some very loyal clients who come back to us time and time again. We have a good rapport with all our clients and it is always a pleasure to see past work that has been lovingly cared for, still looking as good as the day we installed it.

Being a smaller concern also means we can keep a closer eye on budget. Cost is always a consideration and for every project the budget is of utmost importance. Naturally, we can be more cost efficient than our larger competitors from the outset. Add that to our preference to focus on only a few projects at any one time, means that we are able to keep strictly within the required financial boundaries without exception.

I think that sums it all up. We’re small enough to care, to create, to craft and to control. Capable enough to deliver on our promises. And in person.

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