Size does matter

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Jonathan East. I’m the Owner and Managing Director of Good Measure. Somehow 25 years has flown past and I have accrued a wealth of dedicated cabinet design and construction. Made all the better by some great clients. I wanted to write today about what motivates us here at Good Measure and therefore sets us apart from the big boys in furniture and storage solutions.

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Meet a high end, yet understated kitchen diner

Giving a customer the luxury they deserve can be hard to achieve. Many of our clients are hardworking professional people who need spaces that tick more than one box. The demands of modern living mean that we must design homes that provide multi-purpose spaces which work on a practical and sociable level. This particular project is a South London renovation, boasting a high end, yet elegantly understated cooking space Continue reading “Meet a high end, yet understated kitchen diner”

How Good Measure saved Christmas..

Although I can’t pinpoint exactly when it was that I stopped worrying about where the next Good Measure job would materialise from, it was, I am sure, a very long time ago. That concern has now been replaced by intrigue as I have come to realise that more often than not, the next job will invariably materialise from absolutely nowhere or at best a random set of circumstances.

In late August, having been away for a few days I decided to check on the works and collect the post even though it was a Sunday. There was nothing to suggest that “Christmas” was about to enter my world earlier than was customary but enter it did. Continue reading “How Good Measure saved Christmas..”

Is this now the sharpest tool in our toolbox?

Remko Van Dokkum keyboard

The computer may not be sharpest tool in the physical sense, but it has now become the single most effective cutting edge for design, communication and production. I began my journey in this industry, like many, as an apprentice at the age of 16. I loved it then as I still do now but for different reasons. Continue reading “Is this now the sharpest tool in our toolbox?”